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All-Time Classic Board Game Talisman Gets a 5th Edition, Available for Preorder Today


The first Taliman board game was originally released all the way back in 1983 and It’s been a favorite of dungeon-crawler lovers ever since. Made by Avalon Hill Games, in conjunction with Game Workshop, Talisman takes you and up to five friends on an adventure to defeat the dragon using, you guessed it, Talismans. There have been four editions since the release all those years ago — the last one being released in 2008 — and now the fifth edition is available to preorder, with all new graphics as well as some gameplay tweaks.

The game has 12 playable characters, each with a newly redesigned miniature. Its gameplay style mixes traditional board games¬†with dungeon crawling, card collecting and, if your gaming group wants to, some fun roleplay thrown in for good measure. It’s a game that directly influenced a huge amount of modern board games, but definitely needed a refresh. After 16 years of the fourth edition, this new update is a welcome addition.

A miniature in a game board with game cards around it

Avalon Hill

“In the game, players set forth on an epic adventure, racing to be the first to obtain a Talisman, reach the Crown of Command in the center of the board, and defeat the elder dragon to win,” Avalon Hill said in a statement. “With a diverse range of characters to choose from and a vast world of possible scenarios plus an easy to use, revised 5th Edition Rulebook, this strategy game offers limitless adventures!”

Talisman: Fifth Edition is available to preorder on Amazon for $60 and will be released on Aug. 1. While you’re here, we have a list of some of the best strategy board games around if you want to build up your collection.¬†

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